Loading up the mast for transport

With the help of a good friend and a "Grade All" fork lift, I was able to load the mast onto the urban assault vehicle. ( Yes, it's the same year bus that they used to film "Speed" )

Now I've got to figure out a way to strap it down so it doesn't fall off onto the Highway when I drive it down to the Columbia River.


Its nice to have a friend.  It's even nicer to have ten friends to help move a 56 ft mast out of the shop so that it can be lifted onto a bus.  The 1972 GM coach will serve as an the urban assault vehicle / mast transportation unit.


Anchor shackle ; USA or China?

At the risk of hurting the feelings of China, I decided to forgo the shackle that West Marine had.  I found a US made shackle from Fastenall that was rated at more than twice the strength.  Shame on West Marine.  They should offer the better quality US made shackle. It was only a couple of dollars more online.


She's alive....

Yanmar 3YM20 marine diesel. ( one of two )

in the following movie, I mislabeled the introductory text as "starboard"  I really meant "Port" (port is left side when facing forward )

I noticed water in the bilge and immediately panicked but after further investigation, I found that the heat exchanger body had a drain tube that was open. ahhhhhh a simple fix.

Port side engine run test

I filled up a big container with water so that the cooling ports could pull water into the engine.