taking shape

I couldn't resist the opportunity to flip the port side hull up and position it in relationship to the starboard hull. The cabin bulkheads that protrude from each hull are sticking up like fangs. The edges of these bulkheads are 112 inches apart. Note: the port side bow lacks the solid foam stem section so you'll need to use your imagination and pretend you see a sleek pointed bow piercing through blue green tropical waters.

laying out the cabin form frames

Using the full size cabin templates provided with the plans package, the temporary form frames are being marked onto 3/4 in. chip board. There are about a dozen of these form frames that define the shape of the cabin. Once I cut them all, I'll set them up on the same strong back that was used to create the hulls. When complete, I'll run stringers to create a female mold to which I'll thermoform and fit the one inch corecell structural foam.