getting closer ...

So I've used my oven to form all the foam to fit the cabin top mold. I've used two inch squares of 3/8th in. plywood and sheet rock screws to hold the planks in place. Once all the pieces are "dry fit" together, I found it easier for me to start from the middle; edge gluing the planks together one by one.

I'm using SYSTEM THREE polyurethane glue ( similar to the one part, moisture cure, Gorilla glue)

another angle

This is actually the inside of the starboard side cabin top......seen here up side down.

My toaster oven

So you're looking into the inside of my heat lamp powered thermoforming oven. It's made from a few two inch thick 4' x 8' sheets of foil backed insulation foam and a total of ten 250 Watt heat lamps......... takes 6 minutes to heat the foam until it can bend easily.......7 minutes and it puffs up into very expensive landfill fodder.....When this oven is on, I have to turn up the radio to drown out the jet engine like sound of my electric meter.

Laying down the cabin top foam

Here's an action shot of the 1 inch foam going down over the cabin top mold.