the boards

So here's the full size template of the centerboard. The gap in between will actually measure 27 inches and both of the templates are seen here taped onto a 4 x 8 sheet of core cell.

The plan is to slice most of my scraps into uniform widths, laminate them into a 4 sheet thick plug and vac bag the block into one solid blank. Various sections are comprised of high density material ( I'm planning on using straight grain 1/4 sawn Douglas fir for the internal sheer portion of the spar. Since this piece is going to be encapsulated thoroughly and capped with multiple layers of glass and epoxy, I will not feel that bad about using wood as an internal spar.

Next comes the fun part. The plan is to build a 3D Cad file of the boards and have them cut on a CNC router. If it was summer, you can bet I'd have these things on a couple of saw horses in the sunshine and just shape them with a power planner like two long boards .