in the bag....

After gluing, screwing and clamping all the preformed foam in place, I covered the assembly with a piece of used vac bag sheeting and tucked a little 1500W heater under the cover and called it a good night.......Although the shop temp was around 35F, the aft steps felt like they were in the Bahamas........wishful thinking I guess.

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roughing in the aft starboard boarding steps

Although it's darn cold in the shop, I was able to use my easy bake foam toaster ( seen here lower right) to thermoform the end radiuses in the step faces. My technique has been to form and fit most of the pieces and temporarily screw them in place here an there with some sheet rock screws. After everything fits the way I want it to, I come back and mark all the critical join areas with a sharpy ( A ----->A, B------->B, etc ) It also helps to label "up" in case your boat flips over or you fall off a ladder and get disoriented.

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