A view from the port side hull

Upper right is a record breaking 3/4 faired gravity bike along with my swing and bubble pop corn popper. 

uni directional glass for hull to cockpit join

It's handy to pre cut all of your glass before you begin any layup. Here are the four sets of 5 layers that will be used on the aft bulkhead joint. Not only does preparing the glass before hand prevent me from getting epoxy all over my scissors, it allows me to be more aware of the resin cure rate.

Aft bulkhead to port side hull join

Here I am preparing to apply uni directional glass along the under side of the aft deck and bulkhead. Since the join area along the under side of the deck incorporates ten layers of Uni glass, in order to insure uniform strength,  five layers are applied along the lower surface then the foam will be removed along the top deck surface so that five additional layers will sandwich the join area.