Centerboard pivot bolts

These centerboard bolts are about the size of a small cowboy.  The tow receiver nuts will be welded onto a couple of 3 in. diameter stainless disks with a couple of screw holes in them so that they can be recessed and bonded into the "outer" sides of the centerboard cases.  This will allow the centerboards to be inserted and pinned in place from the inside while the receiver nuts will be permanently blind mounted into the cases. I'm not a big fan of stainless on stainless because it is horrible about "galling" and locking itself into place so I plan on using lots of anti cease paste when I mount the boards.


geoffrey said...


why not use bronze nuts?


Unknown said...

In this instance, the nuts needed to be blind fastened into the back side of the cases which are darn near p against the shell of the boat and they required a couple of 3 inch discs to be welded to them.....I suppose I could have TIG welded these receiver "T nuts" using silicon bronze but that seemed like more trouble....I dont reallu plan on pulling these boards out too ofter anyway......keep the questions and tips coming.