fiberglass tubes liners ????

Since the centerboards will be controlled with ropes that will terminate with a knots inside fiberglass lined holes in the boards......Now where the heck do you find 1 1/2 in ID fiberglass tubes to line the holes?.  I looked around the shop and noticed that a standard florescent bulb was the perfect diameter.

TIP:  If you need to make some fiberglass tubes, wrap a section of an old florescent bulb with several layers of fiberglass and epoxy then wrap with peel ply. Once cured, a few whacks on the shop floor will shatter the bulb and you'll have perfect 1 and a quarter ID fiberglass tubes.  I then used a chop saw to cut them into the basic lengths that I needed.

After cutting holes in the boards with a hole saw, these tubes will be bonded in place then the small rope holes will be drilled from the edges of the boards into the sides of these now fiberglass lined holes.


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