Simple centerboard control pulleys

Here's our lord and savior and his mom admiring these really nice pulleys that I made to control the centerboards.  I used a british Boxford lathe to turn 3 in. stock delrin into pulleys. I then pressed bronze bearings in their centers to help distribute the loads of the lines. The mother and child are also impressed by the aluminum spacer which will prevent the two control lines from jumping ship onto the other pulley.  Both pulleys are home to a 1/2 x 8 inch 316 Stainless Steel bolt.


grinell smith said...

Lloyd Jesus knows a fine delron pully when he sees one, Howard be his name.

Reckon that's ever been uttered before?

Lance said...

Hey Allen:

Would you be interested in doing another set for a price? I will need a set for my '44 also.

Lance Allen

Chuck said...

Sweet Jesus, that is a damn fine set of pivots you've created there. ...or did they evolve?