No worries

Although this fix got the best of my Sunday afternoon, I chopped the engine bed down, overlapped the flanges and bonded them back together with a thick mixture of cabosil and epoxy. While it was curring, I strapped the engine bed onto the engine/sail drive unit to make sure that it fits perfectly.  Tomorrow, I'll pull the temporary screws out, grind the splice into a nice shape then glass the heck out of the splice with multiple layers of glass fabric, inside and out. Although this miss-match created a fair amount of extra labor, the finished mounts will actually be stronger than the originals.

However, .......since this is a cat,  I've got to do the same dang thing again for the other engine.


Jay said...


Given your goal of being able to beach this cat anytime you feel like it (or so I recall from past reads of your blog), did you investigate the off-set saildrive option at all? If so, why did you not go that route?

I saw a drawing of this option in Ian Farrier's study guide, and it really seemed to make sense to me, especially for a cat where you've invested the time and effort for centerboards and (I assume) retractable rudders.