Rocking snail and kitchen drawers

If your going to build a boat, it's a good idea to save some shop time for repairing rocking snails and kitchen drawers with the little globs of extra epoxy.  Incidentally, the crates for the Yanmar 3YM Marine Diesel engine make good clamps for  gluing drawers together....... A bit spendy however.

Reinforcing for deck pulleys

Prepping for the under side of the cabin corners where deck pulleys will attach.


The "Lucy" of all belt sanders.  This incredible machine was developed by a man named Eichenlaub; and yes. she's hydraulic. I picked her up from a salvage boatyard in Port Townsend, Wa.  It needed belts and some re-wiring but this machine was designed for faring compound curves. It has a clever mechanism for adjusting the curvature of the sanding surface.  Nice work Mr. Eichenlaub.
Notice the "missing" belt cover.  Ya wouldn't want to get your shirt tail caught in that!

composite half pipe

Rather than glass in the 6 in. PVC, I took the liberty of creating a nice composite half-pipe that I will cut down to form  external drains for the cockpit. Of course this is a Cat so I'll be doing another one. Although I could have ripped the pipe in half and used the two halves to vac bag these pieces, I decided just to use the squeegee peel ply method.  Gained the weight of another half-pocket full of dimes.  Oh well.....gained an evening under a palm tree.



It takes a lot of clamps to make a boat. Here I've used a few clamps and quite a few straight boards to make sure the lamination is spot on.