A few pictures of what's starting to look like a boat.

looking aft while standing on the port side forward bow

looking at the port side boarding steps.....
I've chosen the kick up underslung rudders so
the missing lower two steps are in the works.  They contain the rudder shafts and two rudder bearings  

if you are treading water, this is what you will see just before you get run over by the port side hull

looking through the foward windows into the cabin

standing on the aft starboard side deck looking forward.


Brandon said...

I just spent the last few days reading the entire build blog from beginning to most recent. It's pretty amazing how much work has been done and how far you've come to get a real ship!

It's been interesting watching your youngest crew member age in the pictures also - what a great story and set of pictures you'll have when entertaining guests and new friends in the tropics with him aboard!

Unknown said...

Thanks, Brandon,

I am honored that you took the time to go through and check the progress. This makes me feel good knowing my efforts to document a little of my experiences may help other people in some way....if not to just show people that all it really takes to accomplish anything is just the willingness to make mistakes.

thanks again for your kind words or encouragement

Mary & Shannon said...


I've been following your blog for almost five years! I check it almost daily. Amazing progress and a monumental project. Giang told me about it back at UAB and I spoke with you about living and working in the Pacific NW.

I appreciate your documentation and sharing all your experiences. You helped me tackle and blog buying an old "fixer upper" of a house. My wife does most of the blogging for us though :)