Starboard side bath area

Below are a few photos of the starboard bath area.  You may notice the absence of cabinet drawers. Reason being, is that I have decided to create simple openings that will provide places for waterproof containers. For durability, the edges of all openings will be protected with aluminum Tee molding:

Each opening is at least 2 inches above the bottom of each compartment so that any containers will remain inside the storage compartment during rough weather. Each container will be labeled with the contents.  The mantra will be "if it's not in a container, its not on the boat".  Not only will this force me to maintain order, in the case of capsize, the waterproof containers will also provide extra buoyancy.

Starboard forward bath area looking aft

view between shower and head looking toward
center of boat

View looking forward through the doorway into the 
starboard bath area