Installing the jewelry

 Here's the port side bow cleat install job site.  Notice the ample 5/16 inch aluminum backing plates.  These are critical bits of hardware and I don't ever want them to rip out of the deck.
  Here's a trick for keeping the water out....... chamfer the mounting holes and wrap the base of each fastener with Butyl bedding tape so that it forms an "o-ring" seal.

 here's the base of the cleat right before install

here is me

here is the port side bow cleat backing plate seen from the inside.

 mainsail winch backing plate is a full 3/8 inch thick.


 rope clutches



grinell smith said...

looks fantastic!

I saw jimmie waltman kick a cleat at a full run on a dock one day when we were i nhigh school. nasty! broken toe, ugly gash. just sayin, the second most popular function for a cleat is to trip over it..

MDF Board said...

MDF has become a generic name for any dry process fiber board.