Half empty....half full : fuel tank sending unit and guages

Another necessary fuel system detail involves the installation of fuel level sensors in the tanks. I chose a sending unit made by "Sea Choice" because it was reasonably priced and rugged in design.

This  involved using a hole saw to cut an inch and a half hole in the top of the tank , drilling and tapping five fastener holes then screwing the unit in place.

One obvious disadvantage of triangular cross sectional tanks is that a standard linear sending unit will show misleading readings so when the gage reads 1 half, it will really mean 1/4.  Unfortunately, empty will still mean empty.

Here is the final location of the fuel gauges


grinell smith said...

yep.. my austin healey had a tank with a little trapezoidal hump in the bottom, and the floor would drop out of the gas gauge starting at about 1/4 tank. then a dozen miles later it'd be on 1/8th, and then a few miles more and you'd be walking.

take-home lesson: label your gauge correctly so if you're unconscious because you and jenny are below-decks laid low by a tropical virus, and your teenaged son zach is at the helm motoring to the nearest marina for medical help, he'll know what's going on when the portside engine stops!