Deck Fills

I've chosen to use composite deck filler caps for both my port and starboard water tank fills. The standard color for H2O is blue.  They weigh about 4 times less than stainless steel deck fills.

Here's a look at my starboard deck fill installation site. I'm using thick vinyl tubing along with 1 1/4 inch PVC pipe as fill line that goes down to the built in tanks in the hull.


Neck Fills

Never underestimate the need for neck fills.  In my case, I need four of them....two water tank neck fills and two diesel tank neck fills.

I  used a table saw with a carbide tip blade to cut  off short sections of aluminum pipe.  

I then cut grooves in them to help provide a secure fit to the connection hoses.  Two of these pipes will be welded to an aluminum flange and these will become neck fills for my water tanks.  The other two will be TIG welded onto the diesel tanks.


LED lighting

Here's a look at the starboard side hull looking forward.  The light that is shown is the result of four 2Watt LED Marine Dome lights.  This is an amazing amount of light. With all ten house lights on, the combined total lighting for the boat only burns 20 watts. 

here's a link to the LED lights that I purchased: I am pleased with them and with free shipping, they are the most reasonably priced lights that I have found. LED Dome lights

This is the work space located in the starboard hull. I plan on using this space as a little shop area for working on things.