Hatch handle

Yet another small but necessary little detail........

 I created a "toe stub proof" anchor locker hatch handle by fabricating a stainless fitting, threading a loop of Dyneema line through the hatch and through a short section of tubing.

The two stainless carriage bolts are part of a locking mechanism ; the details of which,  I regrettably must not divulge.

 Here's the finished result. Although this handle isn't out of a marine catalog, I sort of like the tough durable nature of it's components, and it's not likely to wear out in my life time.


grinell smith said...

good idea. i watched jimmy walton bash his toe hard enough to need 8 stitches on a dock cleat once. gruesome! Also, there's this to be avoided at all costs...

(A Speck in the Sea)