Its nice to have a friend.  It's even nicer to have ten friends to help move a 56 ft mast out of the shop so that it can be lifted onto a bus.  The 1972 GM coach will serve as an the urban assault vehicle / mast transportation unit.


Tc said...

Hey Allen

I've read every post since visiting you a year ago. The detailed work and many little innovations make this one of my favorite boat stops on the internet. The little cars you built to move Mariana a few inches gave me a chuckle.

But damn, that Bus as mast transport vehicle is a beautiful clash of ancient funky and modern brand spanking new. It got me laughing out loud.

Go man go


Unknown said...

thanks TC.....i need the support.....even if it's just laughing at me. Ha.

Anonymous said...

I guess it's true what they say... You'll find out who your friends are when you announce you have to move a couch or a 56ft mast.