sea trials on the Columbia River.

A friend of mine took this picture from the bluff of the Washington state side.  Too bad I look like a moron with my fenders still down.

We raised the Jib and sailed a little bit on a light east wind.  This allowed me to check out the roller furller as well as the low water alarm!  I found that the Hood River sand bar fans out further than I had thought.  Motoring along, the Garmin depth sounder began to scream out loud and we were lucky that the default depth alarm had been preset to 5 feet. I immediately put the boat full astern .....I now know that in an emergency, I can motor in 3 feet of water


Mark said...

I've been following your progress for years. Great to see the boat in the water. Thank you for sharing.

Unknown said...

Thanks, I'll try to keep posting relevant information about the boat and our experiences with her.

Crystal Thune said...

Hey Allen, I'm the guy who said hi to you on the SUP yesterday. Looks like you built the boat yourself nearby??? Congratulations! It looked great in the water. You have tons of bridgedeck clearance and she looks like a very fine sailing catamaran. I spend a lot of time in Hood River in the summer...would be happy to offer unsolicited advice or crew. Cheers

Bruce Cunard Former owner "Simpatica" Catana 471 #42