360 gallons of epoxy

When cleaning out the shop, I needed to get rid of my empty epoxy containers so I put them on my flat bed trailer to count.  In addition to the containers seen here, I also used two 55 gallon drums of resin making it a total of 360 gallons of resin in the boat.

ethical delima

So the boat is 23ft. 1 inch wide and my shop door is 22ft. 6 inches.   That means I need to chop about 18 inches off the door jam.  However, a bird made it's nest in the tin around the door and in order to widen the door, I would have to evict three baby birds.

The beam of the boat is wider than my shop door.......

Baby birds in the tin siding. 


Locating a safe place for the Propane tank

For safety sake, I chose to locate the propane tank on the outside cabin bulkhead.  I fastened a bracket to support the base of the tank along with four eye bolts to strap the tank in place.  This provides a safe and secure location for the tank.