foam in the sunshine

Here's a picture of the sun shining in on the port side hull foam. ( 3/4 in. 5#/ft^3 corecell ) Due to an all but exclusive deal with a wind generator supplier, the supply of 12#/ft^3 high density structural foam has dried up in the pacific northwest. I am waiting on an order of this material to use as reinforcement along the hull centerline and other places where hardware will eventually be installed. Posted by Picasa


grinell said...

hey, do you have some kind of excel spreadsheet for your materials list, suppliesr info, costs, shipping particulars, etc, etc? if not, it would be very easy to make one and a very good way to keep up with expenses and other info that might be handy during certification and insuring and so forth. I'd be glad to do a simple F44 specific spreadsheet for you if you think you'd use it