funny experimental tool

So....turns out, I was not able to buy a "super sonic roto foam fillet shapeing tool" at home depot so I made this freaky tool to create a nice radius on the inside juncture of the deck and the hull. ( When gluing the hull planks to the deck planks, I used a triangular strip of foam at the inside corner and wanted it to be rounded in stead of angular ) It works pretty good. I made it out of a crappy b&d drill, a 2" rotary rasp, some bailing wire and some scrap hardwood and ply....Give me an hour to do something and I'm most likely to spend thirty minutes building a tool that will allow me to do a job twice as fast with half the effort.......the problem with that is that I end up with all these unusual tools that often never get used again. ..... if you need one, keep a lookout on e-bay for a good used "super sonic roto foam fillet shapeing tool" in a couple of years. Posted by Picasa