glassing the inside of the outer port hull

wet out of the first ten ft of the inside of the outer, port bow. ( the boat is on it's side and your looking towards the front of the boat from about mid ship )

I'm using plastic spredders and a box full of rubber gloves to work the resin through the dry glass and onto the foam. Once the 24 oz. Triaxial glass is fully saturated and laying firm against the foam, I come back and cover the entire area with peel ply. I don't enjoy sanding glass so the added expense of covering the entire boat surface with peel ply is worth it to me.

I'm finished for the day so I've used a strip of plastic as a release, foam and some weights to hold the edge of the unsaturated glass so that I don't wake up and find a bunch of wrinkles. Tomorrow I plan on finishing the entire inner hull so that I can start installing the bulkheads. Posted by Picasa


grinell said...

man, i bet that feels like progress! good job. can't wait to see it in person in a couple of weekends. I arrive at PDX pretty early on friday, Sept 29th, so if you have a particular job or two that would go fast with the help of some inexperienced hands, save it for that weekend and we'll get it done.

Billy said...

Thanks for the photos and text. It makes me feel like part of your project. Some day, perhaps I can help. Sunday, we will be planting 40 conifers on Cedar Flat to replace the 20 Alder we took to make way for our road.