vacuum bagging several panels at once

The two previous posts show some of the bulkheads that resulted from this vacuum bag layup. I somehow managed to nest four bulkheads in one bag without too much trouble. OK.....there was a moment of panic when the sun started peeking through the shop window and shineing directly on the lay-up before I had it all sealed up. Although I'm using "medium" system III silvertip hardener, I wasn't sure if the direct sunlight was going to kick my resin too soon.....Turns out I had plenty of time.

In the background, you can see the bulkhead pieces for the starboard hull. When laying out the bulkheads, I stacked two sheets of corecell together and produced foam bulkheads for both hulls all at once. Posted by Picasa


grinell said...

so how strong are those panels? for example, if you made a panel that was standard thickness (whatever thickness those things are) and, say, a foot wide, and supported it on chair-backs that were, say, 4 feet apart, how much weight would they hold up inj the center?