here's the cabin bulkhead "in the bag".....in the foreground you can see my resin trap that I built from a block of MDF and an acrylic bucket from wal-mart. This is a good example of how NOT to make a vacuume resin trap. Turns out that the edge porosity of MDF was enough to leak 10 in. of Hg leaving me thinking that I had a leak in my bag. Afterwards, I tested my vac pump without the trap and it pulled a full 30 in. Merc.......  Posted by Picasa


grinell said...

surprized that porisity of MDF is that great. Then again, I made the cabinetry at WEsley Place house out of that stuff and within 2 month i had to drill and put big dowels in to hold the hinge fasteners because they all pulled out. if you look closely, it's nothing more than a hundred really thin layers of paper, hard-laminated together.