It fits.....

This is where the port side centerboard case will live out it's useful life.  I've positioned it in place temporarily and will remove it so that I can install the other support webs.  The case is offset nicely and it leaves plenty of walk way floor space inside the hulls. Notice, however, I have not yet installed the floor supports so you are looking at the curved bilge of the hulls.  Also you will notice that the case fit is not yet complete because the top portion of the case needs to lay flush with the top surface of the side web.   Regardless, I will sleep better tonight knowing that it is going to be possible for me to actually build this cat with centerboards........As Ian Farrier says : It's a lot more work. He's right but I still want to be able to run this ship over unseen sand bars without having to worry about smashing a dagger board or ripping an unwanted slot in a hull. 


Graham said...

The centreboard looks like a lot of work - but making a 12 foot daggerboard was no picnic!
Keep up the great blog - you're proceeding a lot faster than I am!
F-41 #7 - Vancouver

grinell smith said...

looks great!