1500 Watts of power

The cold waters of the Columbia river turn huge hydroelectric turbines and the wind flowing across the ridges out east are spinning 300 ft. blades that combine to create electricity to cure my layup.

plastic pup tent

Since it's sort of cool tonight, I used a board turned on edge as a ridge pole to create an enclosure over my vac bag table.

about to close the bag on the aft bridge deck floor

Here's another shot of the bridge deck floor. I'm about to seal the top bag together down the middle to form an air tight bag.

A sample vac bag layup

Here's an example of my vacuum bag process. I'm using my 8ft. by 12ft. rubber sheathed vac platform to create the flat aft portion of the bridge deck. This particular section has an angled portion that transitions into the floor of the interior bridge deck so I've used a filler block to create a solid lower surface to vac bag against.


centerboard case sides

Finally.......all four centerboard case sides out basking in the yard.

The wide ones become the inboard case sides. Notice all the reinforcing ribs and high density top edging. I decided to use Luann Mahogany for the high density core edging along the top portion of the case sides.