neonate silencer


Although it's taken a little while to gather and configure the board pivots, I'm now at the point where I can bond the receivers onto the back sides of these cases and get these things bonded into the boat. If you absolutely run out of places to look for items for a project, I recommend Mc Master Carr . They pretty much have everything on the planet. 

One note that I should mentione is that in order to obtain a 1 inch bolt that has a 6 inch long smooth shank, I had to order a 9" bolt.  For what ever reason, there doesn't seem to be an absolute standard as to how much thread they will include on any particular bolt.  I anticipated this knowing that I will need to chop a part of the threaded ends of these bolts off so that they will not "bottom out" and rupture the external shell of the hull.  Incidentally,  1" bolts 9 inchs long tend to have 6 inches of shank and 3 inches of threads.  Just for the heck of it, I chucked these bolts into the lathe and given them a nice polished shank. Perhaps that will prevent my centerboard pivot holes from wearing over time.  ( I machined two delrin liners and bonded them into the pivot holes of the boards.  Since that material is so slippery, I cut grooves into the outside of the delrin "tubes" used a table saw to cut small longitudinal grooves lengthwise to create a "checkerboard" pattern so that they wouldn't come out once I boned them in with epoxy.  All this may be overkill but i want to dispel the idea that centerboards require more maintenance.

However, like Ian Farrier says they are a heck of a lot more work and I'm beginning to agree with him..


Unknown said...

The receiver nut discs do have two 4mm holes for screws that hold them in place and they do get epoxied in place. I WAS actually considering having Norm at Versatile supply cut a few larger holes around the periphery of the disk so that the epoxy and glass would form round "pins" that would help keep the disc from spinning. As for keeping the pin from working itself out. That's a good point to consider. maybe I could break a few drill bits trying to drill a hole through the side of the bolt head and secure it "aircraft style" with stainless wire.or......maybe stay up at night in the aft cabin worrying if it is working it's way out while I try to sleep.

Alan D. said...

If you like McMaster Carr you may also enjoy Misumi they have some similar products and even allow some customization within certain limits. Thanks for the blog! It's got me dreaming of building my own F-44SC.


Alan D. said...

oh and here is a link: http://www.misumiamerica.com/