Trial fitting the cases and the boards

Before I bond the centerboard cases in place, I wanted to make sure all the pieces fit and that the boards  were going to move freely.  Here, you are looking at the trailing edge of the port side centerboard which  is partially down.  The 1 inch Stainless bolts fit beautifully and the spacing between the boards and the insides of the cases will allow me to shim the upper portion of the boards with the perfect thickness of Delrin sheet to insure good solid positioning when they are fully loaded under sail.

Don't worry, that big ugly gaping square opening will be faired over to provide a streamlined opening for trailing edge flow transition.  I may even see if I can configure gap seals like the first sailboard that I had.


geoffrey said...


Where are you on the budget for the baot to date?


Unknown said...

Well.....I'm at the point where I'm starting to write some big checks.

Mast: 9k
Boom: 3k
Sails: 15k - 20K
synthetic rigging: 3k
deck hardware/hatches/sail handling gear :( TBD; meeting w/ Harken rep.)
Engines: 2 x 9k = 18k (paid)
Engine beds: 1k
Interior fit: need to decide whether or not to gold plate the toilet handles, tailor the fine corenthian leather and size the angora wool rugs.......( actualy I'm planning on keeping things clean and simple on the inside. comfortable set-ea but I want to be able to hose things down like the interior of a honda element. Plan on having lots of friends coming and going with surfboards and sandy feet.

Unknown said...

In answer to your question about budget, If I were to have entered into this project with a budget, I would have quickly determined it would have been very easy to convince myself not to build the boat. So......I decided not to worry about anything relating to money and just build, buy the most reasonable and safe gear available and just pay cash along the way. ( In other words....I don't keep a budget because I've already decided to build the boat and it's going to cost what it's going to cost.....maybe someday I'll add up the receipts but maybe I'll just throw them overboard once we're in the tropics.

Lance said...

Ditto on the budget, if you worry about the money, it will never happen. U have to just take it a day at a time. I buy the stuff when I have an extra pay check and stack it for later. Getting ready to get foam and epoxy soon. :)