Decks and cabin tops sealed w/ Awlgrip

Deck primed and sealed w/ AwlGrip 545. One of the twin diesel engines can be seen below the bridgedeck awaiting installation. It will be nice to tuck them into their engine beds so I won't keep putting random  tools and clutter on top of the crates.

The cabin tops and foredeck seen here in 545 sealer. The gallon paint cans are placed on deck for scale. The black window covers are actually the cut outs with flat black paint. I set them back in place to allow me to heat the interior this winter.


Anonymous said...

Congrats on priming the decks. You're really zipping along! Did you roll or spray? Are you happy with your chosen primer?
Things are slowing down here for the winter, bulkheads are finished and hull formers started, no more infusing until spring though.
Paul, Kurt Hughes 45.

Rickard said...

p&c do you have a blogg to?

Anonymous said...

No. My wife kept one while we were cruising the Atlantic basin (Canada/EU/Carib)but we removed it once we sold the boat and started building the cat.