Import Security Fileing...or else

A week ago, I mistakenly mentioned that my cat's mast had left the port of Tauranga, NZ on the ANL Bindana when in fact, this was when the mast was packed into the container.  The ship is still in port:  see link-


The US now requires that an Import Security filling ( ISF) be filed before any item is shipped and imposes a $5000.00 fine if not done.   I hope that the documents made it into the right hands........


CrashGybe 22 said...

bin there done that, good luck. I don't know how the docks and customs can seemingly hold people to random but they do!


CrashGybe 22 said...

Random spell check sux, RANSOM.

Unknown said...

Ransom is right!! the original mast order was mishandled and by the time it made if from NZ to California, it was bent beyond all use. But not before it was seized by customs then lost for weeks at $100 per day for warehousing it by a crooked company Called St. George who benefits form all types of miscomunications. NZ Rigging filed insurance and prepared a replacement and I do hope this shipment of the mast goes better.

stewart watne said...

looks great! too cold to epoxy?
try http://www.jangadacat.com/index.cfm
he's out of hood river
runs up and down sea of cotez?: know him?

Stew and Kat

Mark Brown said...

Yes, the government is really strict now. If you want to import a boat, especially if it's a case of global boat shipping, you really have to comply with the international laws. Buying one entails risks that the boat you'll receive might not meet your expectations, and the expenses might pile up if you let it. So you better ask for assistance from expert boat shipping companies. But remember, to be safe and for everything to go smoothly, follow international boat shipping protocol.