Ocean Salinity satellite

While I finish building out the forward starboard shower and head, here's a fantastic successful launch of a satellite whose purpose is to study ocean salinity in attempts to better predict weather patterns and climate change.



A few pictures of what's starting to look like a boat.

looking aft while standing on the port side forward bow

looking at the port side boarding steps.....
I've chosen the kick up underslung rudders so
the missing lower two steps are in the works.  They contain the rudder shafts and two rudder bearings  

if you are treading water, this is what you will see just before you get run over by the port side hull

looking through the foward windows into the cabin

standing on the aft starboard side deck looking forward.

Protect you primary tools

After over four years of building, I haven't found a better deal on gloves than these:  Harbor freight ITEM # 37055.  $9.99 get's you fifty.  http://www.harborfreight.com/pack-of-50-x-large-latex-gloves-37055.html

A pair of these will last you a full day of working with any kind of resin, glass, kevlar, carbon.  Just don't answer your phone when your hands are all covered with epoxy.

Don't even think about using these thin surgical gloves......you can put on three layers and you'll still end up having a big slippery mess of torn gloves on your hands.