Installing the jewelry

 Here's the port side bow cleat install job site.  Notice the ample 5/16 inch aluminum backing plates.  These are critical bits of hardware and I don't ever want them to rip out of the deck.
  Here's a trick for keeping the water out....... chamfer the mounting holes and wrap the base of each fastener with Butyl bedding tape so that it forms an "o-ring" seal.

 here's the base of the cleat right before install

here is me

here is the port side bow cleat backing plate seen from the inside.

 mainsail winch backing plate is a full 3/8 inch thick.


 rope clutches



bedding in the cleats

"bedding in the cleats............we shall come rejoicing .......  bedding in the cleats"

I'm using butyl tape to seal the cleats to the deck.  Also, a couple of wraps of this butyl tape around the heads of the fasteners will prevent any water from sneaking it's way down the mounting holes.


I created a nice roller system for the sliding door by using two street skateboard wheels and a couple of aluminum rails.  I used delrin blocks to act as sliders while the weight of the door is supported by the wheels.  This system works great and given the abuse these wheels are designed to handle, it should be plenty durable.