trampoline netting

I chose to use knotless dyneema netting for my tramps.  This stuff shows very little stretch.  I am using fiberglass tubes along the edges and will lace them to the boat with 1/4 inch dyneema rope.

a pile of netting

one inch squares

the shape of the trampoline

lacing the edge tubes

an electric rope cutter

after cutting

the opening

port side net area


CrashGybe 22 said...

Hi Alan,
How did the hot kiife go cutting the dyneema? are you going to finish the edges with a knot?

I have the same knotless mesh for the F22 but have not cut it yet.


Unknown said...

the hot knife worked pretty well for cutting the netting. You just have to sit down and spend a little time cutting each strand. It seems to seal the ends up real nice. since I've decided to run fiberglass tubes in and out of the edges, I just cut the edges about three squares away and I guess I;ll roll and wrap the edges up neater later on. For now, the extra on the edges doesn't really bother me and I know that it can never un ravel.