She's in.

The launch went well. Started at 4:30 this morning and ended with lots of good friends sharing stories and beer.

She is riding nice and high on her water lines.


Jason said...

Congratulations!!!! She looks awesome in the water. I hope you have many years of happy sailing on her.

Conall said...

Congratulations!! I know how you feel...huge accomplishment. How did she feel when you first stepped on to her?


Dave Harman said...

I have been following your blog for some time. You must be proud of of your project. I know how it feels to launch a boat that you built as I have built a F-32ax and launched it last somer.
Congrats on your boat and looking forward to seeing posts of her sailing !

Dave Harman
F-32ax Supertramp III

Unknown said...

Congratulations with this great accomplishment! I have been following your build for the last few months here and it is truly inspirational. Great job!

As for questions, do you have any idea how many hours have gone into making this beautiful boat?

Eggert, Freehold, NJ