foam in the sunshine

Here's a picture of the sun shining in on the port side hull foam. ( 3/4 in. 5#/ft^3 corecell ) Due to an all but exclusive deal with a wind generator supplier, the supply of 12#/ft^3 high density structural foam has dried up in the pacific northwest. I am waiting on an order of this material to use as reinforcement along the hull centerline and other places where hardware will eventually be installed. Posted by Picasa


funny experimental tool

So....turns out, I was not able to buy a "super sonic roto foam fillet shapeing tool" at home depot so I made this freaky tool to create a nice radius on the inside juncture of the deck and the hull. ( When gluing the hull planks to the deck planks, I used a triangular strip of foam at the inside corner and wanted it to be rounded in stead of angular ) It works pretty good. I made it out of a crappy b&d drill, a 2" rotary rasp, some bailing wire and some scrap hardwood and ply....Give me an hour to do something and I'm most likely to spend thirty minutes building a tool that will allow me to do a job twice as fast with half the effort.......the problem with that is that I end up with all these unusual tools that often never get used again. ..... if you need one, keep a lookout on e-bay for a good used "super sonic roto foam fillet shapeing tool" in a couple of years. Posted by Picasa

port side, outer hull half in foam

So here's my first hull half section. I've spent a little time fareing things down but haven't really spent the time getting it as smooth as I'ld like. Notice: The F-44SC does not have the chamferred gunwhale and in this photo, you can see the filleted join line between the hull side and the deck still covered w/ peel ply. When I'm ready to glass the inside, I will rip the peel ply off, lay down 24 oz. triaxe glass as specified, bag the entire part and infuse the hull half in one shot. I'm not one for wet layups so I'm doing all I can to minimize my exposure to the system III silvertip epoxy resin system that I have chosen to use throughout. Posted by Picasa