fish eye view

Here's a picture of the outer port side hull taken from under neath looking towards the bow. ( I think that's the mast bulk head with the door opening that is visible) The lamination was accomplished with a continuous length of 60 inch wide 34 oz stitched Triaxial glass 42 feet long. I ran the zero degree strands lengthwise against the foam with the two 45 degrees towards the outside. I layed the glass from bow to stern , laying down resin sufficient to allow me to cover one sectional width of peel ply at a time. ( about 1500cc per batch ) Once I was happy with the saturation, applied the peel ply and had worked any excess resin forward, I mixed my next batch and continued the methodical process. I find it nice to listen to some soulful music or a good public radio station while I work.......or, maybe I will try to find an MP3 file of screaming cicadas to remind me of the sounds of an Alabama southern night.

This simple hand layup technique has resulted in a surface that will not require much final faring at all.

(for scale, that's a 16ft. sea kayak hanging up behind the hull)

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