outer port side hull layup

I have settled in on a consistent method of laying up the 34 oz. triaxial glass all by myself.
It goes someting like this:

1. prepare hull for glass.
a) sand foam w/ 36 grit w/ a 36 inch sanding board @ 45 degrees off plank seams
b) skim coat foam w/ mix of resin and micro/ aerosil using a sheet rock mud blade.
c) sand smooth
2. cut and dry fit glass.
3. mark edge.
4. roll glass back up.
5. plane recess for edge seam overlap ( when appropriate ).
6. mix a total of 1500 cc resin ( 1000 A + 500 B if using 2:1 epoxy )
7. roll out about half of your batch onto the surface of the boat along a length equal to the width of peel ply.
8. start unrolling the glass over the wet hull. ( I just use cheap 1/4 in nap paint rollers that I cut in half)
9. roll another coat of resin on the top side and allow the glass to fully saturate.
10. spread area cross ways w/ peel ply.
11. work any excess resin out by pulling a plastic body spreader towards the roll of glass.( if you run the roller back over the peel ply it makes it nice and easy to work any excess resin forward. A plastic spreader glides nicely over peel ply if it has a touch of resin on the upper surface) This also rids your roller of most of the resin and gives you a little extra time to insure the resin doesn't kick on your roller. This conserves resin and rollers
12. go back up to step # 6 and repeat section by section until you fall off the end of the boat.

Believe it or not, this method is very controllable and I am able to approximate the resin glass ratios obtained from resin infusion.
If you work neat, wear a Tyvec suit, gloves and you are particular NOT to get ANY resin on you, this process results in a nice lean layup.

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snsailor said...

Hi Allen,
Thanks for the tip. I will be intersted in reading your review when she sails. I am about 3 years from building. I am thinking it will be a f44sc. Good Luck.