lower, outer, port side hull lamination

I was able to glass the entire 42 ft lower section of the port side hull; all after the day job. It did however, keep me up till 3:00 because I was commited to laying down the full run of glass. I used 34 oz stiched triaxial glass and was able to work the fabric section by section along the full length of the hull..... Again, as described in my previous post.

The shape of the outer hull also allows for an even edge seem overlap and results in very little fabric waste. ....Nice lines Ian .

Odd tip: when laying down dry glass over wet foam, if you have small air bubbles or wrinkles, trace the fabric strands back to the edge of the fabric and tug on the individual fiber strands that pass over the bump. The glass will lay down flat with very little effort. In my case, the length wise strands were easy to roll out streight and when ever I had an uneven lay, I found it possible to do this "oriented strand edge pull "trick to persuade the glass to really hug the slightly convex hull form.

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Jay said...

That lamination looks great, nice work.

I am curious why you wet out the foam before laying the glass down? I wet out the glass on my corecell floats over dry foam, it seemed to work okay. If you have some concrete pro's and con's to share, I'd love to hear them.