aft bulkhead location prep

The aft bulkhead gets mounted on ten tapered layers of Unidirectional glass. I cut them to length then wet them in individually to insure good saturation. Over this goes a 16 in. wide girth strip of 24oz./ft^2 triaxial glass. ( Farrier says that when using epoxy, it's ok to use 9 layers ) Wow....that saves me a few ounces. Maybe I could take an extra bottle of beer on board. Posted by Picasa


grinell said...

yeah, but i'd advise against nine layers of beer, especially if you've got the wheel or the watch duty, no matter what farrier says. he's australian, right? those aussies have no sense whatsoever when it comes to beer.

allen said...

american actually....but spending time in NZ I believe.