bulkhead scribe tool

Here's a simple scribe tool that I use to mark the final fit demension of the bulkheads. I place the bulkhead where it's supposed to go; then I run this scribe and mark the bulkhead on both sides by keeping the block up against the inside of the hull. The small block of 3/4 in foam is the same thickness of the foam bulkhead mounting strips so once the bulkhead is cut along this line, the bulkhead will fit perfectly against the mounting strips. Posted by Picasa


grinell said...

seems like you should have the pen pointed forward on the hat. that way, you don't have to scribe the line with your back facing it. or better yet, you should just use your hand to draw the lines instead of mounting the pen on yer hat like that and then using your neck muscles and head. it's little mistakes in thought processes like the one displayed in this photo that are probably responsible for the astonishingly slow progress you've made over the last couple of months, would be my guess.

allen said...

why didn't I think of that....scruffing around on my back trying to mark all those bulkheads was getting fiberglass down my collar.